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Cabana South Beach Landscape Plan

Landscape Plan  |  Landscape Notes & Details

The Cabana South Beach AutoCAD Landscape Plan is one of 11 sheets of an apartment complex project and the detail sheets which shows the plant legend, calcs, notes and details. The completed CAD plans were then submitted to the City of Jacksonville for approval. I worked directly with the Landscape Designer to prepare these plans.

Cabana Club Apartment Complex

Apartment Complex Plan

I worked closely with Mr. Gary Abbey of Abbey Civil Engineers, Inc. on preparation of these plans from the preliminary stages of site design and PUD Verification all the way through final Regulatory Agency review and approval. I would highly recommend Abbey Civil Engineers, Inc. for all of your Civil Engineering needs. 

Universal Petroleum Site Plan

Gas Station Site Plans

The Gas Station Retrofit CAD Drawings are used when the petroleum companies want to go in and install new tanks, pumps and gas lines. Universal Petroleum contacted me to prepare the AutoCAD site drawings and details. The same details are used over and over again for different sites. Just the first 2 sheets change. These are set up on 8-1/2x11 sheets to make it easier for the Contractor to carry around.

Coppola Architectural Plan

First Floor Plan  |  Elevations 1 & 2  |  Roof Plan  |  Second Floor Framing & Foundation Plans  |  Electric Plan  |  Sections & Details  |  Landscape Notes & Details

The Coppola Architectural AutoCAD Plans are full set of plans for a house minus the site plan and cover sheet. I didn't have a survey for this project so we didn't do a site plan. This project was about 90% complete. I have a wealth of experience with architectural CAD plans and different kinds of CAD drafting for home additions.

Keystone Industries Proposed Bulkhead Plan

Proposed Bulkhead, Existing Bulkhead Removal & Details Plan

The Keystone Industries on the St. Johns River project is a proposed bulkhead AutoCAD drafting project that was completed for an Engineer. It is a preliminary set of plans done on 11x17 per the owners request. The drawings were for the owner to get bids for the cost of construction. I met with the Engineer to go over his notes so I could put together the CAD plans.