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Cover  |  Existing Conditions Plan  |  Geometric & Utility Plan  |  Grading & Drainage Plan  |  Offsite Utility Plan  |  Detail Sheet  |  Maintenance of Traffic Plan  |  Landscape Plan

Shields CAD Drafting Services developed Civil Engineering Plans for the Engineer and Developer to review and comment on. The Civil Engineering Plans were then submitted to the City of Jacksonville, St. Johns River Water Management District, JEA and the Duval County Health Department.

These drawings are prepared on 24x36 sheets since that is what most regulatory agencies require. After 13 years working in the Civil Engineering field, I am capable of preparing a complete set of plans which include drainage and water and sewer design without having to have the Civil Engineer constantly instruct and interact with me. I also
coordinate with the Developer, owner or owners' representative as needed throughout the process.